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CoSchool LMS lets you create a professional online learning platform on any WordPress website. This LMS (Learning Management System) plugin has all the necessary tools to create, manage, and sell your courses. These tools and features make it super easy to build and scale an online learning platform on WordPress.


Track Instructor & Student Activity

See student activity such as enrolled courses, total spent, etc.

Search option to crawl any specific instructor and student data.

Overview of instructor details including the number of courses and instructor’s commission.

You can see their total earnings, joining dates, etc. at a glance.

Dynamic Course Builder

Certify students with custom and predesigned certificates.

Break down courses into multiple chapters and lessons.

Set difficulty level, multiple languages, and keywords.

Offer free and premium courses to your student.

Option to allow course rating and comments.

Easily add informative descriptions and eye-catching images.

Official add-ons

Create course bundles with multiple courses.

Offer bundles at attractive prices for more enrollments.

Easy to collect assignments from students.

Easy to build certificate for individual course.

Full freedom to customize certificate.

Integrate with popular payment gateways.

Reports Analytics Graphs & Charts

Instructor and student dashboard with performance tracking reports & graphs.

Monitor the overall performance of your learning platform at a glance.

Detailed analytics with easy-to-understand charts.

Report can be filter by Course, Category, Instructor.

You can see report for daily, weekly, monthly & yearly.

Course Content

CoSchool course content consists of all the informational material that is required for participation and understanding assigned topics, chapter, videos recordings, quizzes, and any other material for learning.


Coupons are an efficient and affordable way to get new people on your learning platform. It’s a great way to attract newbies and promoting of your courses. A lot of people may want to try your courses, just not at full price. If they love it, paying the full price down the road won’t be a big deal for your students.

User management

Coordination between student and instructor management can ensure a better success rate for your platform. CoSchool has a student and instructor menu for the admin to see their activities. These activities are automatically tracked to give the admin a better overview.

Transaction history

Transaction history means the records of transactions in your funding source and roundup sources. CoSchool keeps all the transaction history on your eLearning platform in electronic form.

Multi Instructor for CoSchool

This addon is a great tool to add multiple instructors to your learning platform like popular sites and Adding multiple instructors makes the courses more efficient for the students. Also, it increases the diversity of teaching.

Third-party plugins

Coordination between student and instructor management can ensure a better success rate for your platform. CoSchool has a student and instructor menu for the admin to see their activities. These activities are automatically tracked to give the admin a better overview.

CoSchool Cart

Cart system is an inseparable part for website if you want to sell something online. WordPress has eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads to add a cart system to your website.


Reviews are valuable no matter what type of product you are selling online. It becomes crucial when you are selling courses online. CoSchool lets students leave reviews on a course when it’s completed. Better reviews help other students select the courses more easily. They can choose the perfect course for them by seeing the reviews.

Wishlist Management

The wishlist helps to signify a student’s interest in a course without immediate intent to purchase. CoSchool wishlist allows students to create personalized collections of courses they want to enroll in and save them in their accounts for future reference.

Bunch of add-ons

Extend the capability of your learning platform with various CoSchool addons.


E-mails are faster and easy means of communication. CoSchool emails help to maintain strong communication between you, your instructors, and students. It is a secure and reliable method to deliver your message and updates. Sending emails is really cheap regardless of distance and the number of people you send it to.

Course bundle

Course bundles add-on by CoSchool will help you get more student enrollments. It is perfect for any type of eLearning platform. You can sell the bundles at an attractive price that the students can’t resist.

Certificate Builder

Easy To Use Drag & Drop Certificate Builder With Interactive Templates and Elements.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Accept payments with 300+ payment options of WooCommerce & direct payments with Stripe, 2Checkout, FastSpring, PayPal, etc.



4.89 (9)




Lovely plugin you got there. Individual addon pricing is too high for small entrepreneurs. I was gutted by it. It would be brilliant if you guys get it sorte

Published 6 days ago




I found this solution on product hunt and got interested to test it. Course bundle feature was somewhat unique for a free version but the UI was basic.

Published 6 days ago




CoSchool is a good product for online courses. Product receives constant updates keeping it live and thriving. Its working seamlessly well for us for over 1 years now.
And the team is very helpful too.

Published 6 days ago




Absolutely love CoSchool. Not only is the system super user-friendly with detailed instructions that guide you through the complete process from website layout to the setup of your first online course, they also offer a very helpful and responsive customer service and an active facebook group that can offer advice and help. No looking back for me!

Published 6 days ago




i love it so far

Published 6 days ago


Alvaro Gois dos Santos


I’m giving it five stars just for the initiative of distributing this tool for free. I’ve followed CoSchool from its launch days and was hoping for a project where I could try it out. Now I can do it and, maybe (who knows?), putting up my own project for it.

I’ll update my comment as soon as I test it. 😉

Thank you.

Published 6 days ago




I really like that the folks at CoSchool are so helpful.

Published 6 days ago




Am just about to start using it for client’s websites!

Published 6 days ago




I use CoSchool both for my own website as a few of my clients and I love it!

Published 6 days ago


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