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Our WordCamp Sylhet 2023 Experience: Was it worth it?

WordCamp events have become an essential gathering for WordPress enthusiasts, developers, bloggers, and business owners alike. It provided the Pluggable team with an incredible opportunity to learn, network, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the WordPress community. In this blog post, we will drive into the experience of attending WordCamp Sylhet 2023 as a gold sponsor and assess whether it was truly worth the time and investment.

The Setting

Sylhet, a vibrant city in Bangladesh known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, played host to WordCamp Sylhet 2023. The main event took place at a well-equipped auditorium at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST). It was surrounded by a natural and beautiful environment where attendees got to engage in insightful discussions and presentations. The WordPress contribution day was hosted by AuthLab at their office premises.

Learning Opportunities

One of the primary reasons for the Pluggable team to attend WordCamp Sylhet 2023 was to learn from industry experts, gain valuable insights, and engage with all WordPress enthusiasts. WordCamp Sylhet 2023 did not disappoint us at all in this aspect.

The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers, including renowned WordPress developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Some of the popular faces include Hasin Hayder, M Asif Rahman, Shahjahan Jewel, Ganga Kafle, Ahmed Kabir Chaion, Atikur Rahman Tonmoy, and Ehsan Riyadh.

The sessions covered a wide range of topics, such as website optimization, plugin development, content creation, and business strategies. Every WordPress enthusiast starting from beginners to experienced professionals, took valuable insights from these sessions.

Networking and Community Building

WordCamp Sylhet 2023 was held with great opportunities for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, expand their professional network, and form meaningful relationships. From engaging in informal conversations during coffee breaks to participating in interactive conferences, there were numerous chances to build connections that could potentially lead to collaborations, partnerships, and friendships.

The exhibition area at WordCamp Sylhet 2023 was full of various activities, as various WordPress-related companies showcased their products and services. This created an excellent platform for attendees to discover new tools, explore innovative solutions, and interact with industry-leading sponsors. Alongside Pluggable some of the well-known companies who sponsored this event include WordPress, Godaddy, WeDevs, WPDeveloper, Brain Station 23, WooCommerce, and Tutor LMS.

Whether you were seeking a reliable hosting provider, an SEO plugin, or professional WordPress themes, the sponsor booths offered a chance to engage directly with representatives and gain a hands-on understanding of their offerings.

Pluggable also had the opportunity to set up a booth along with all the renowned companies at WordCamp Sylhet. We had meaningful interaction with the attendees by educating them on how they could benefit by either submitting their cool plugin or purchasing a plugin from Pluggable.

Pluggable booth at WordCamp Sylhet 2023

As a gold sponsor, we had the privilege of setting up a booth to interact with attendees. It was an absolute pleasure to meet all the WordPress enthusiasts who visited our booth and talk about the services Pluggable has to offer to both WordPress users and developers. Everyone enjoyed visiting our stall, collecting cool swags, and engaging in enlightening conversations with our team members. The day-long giveaway at our stall was a tremendous success and thanks to all the participants!

After-Event Activities

WordCamp Sylhet 2023 also included several after-event activities that further enhanced the overall experience. These activities ranged from social gatherings to exploring the local cuisine and culture and contribution day for the attendees to contribute to the WordPress core. These post-event activities added an extra layer of enjoyment and gave attendees an opportunity to learn more about WordPress.

Was it worth it?

Considering the networking opportunities we had with the attendees, the opportunity to reach the attendees with our services, and the valuable sessions with a diverse range of topics covered by the WordPress experts, WordCamp Sylhet 2023 proved to be a highly rewarding experience for Pluggable and the attendees.

Attending this event allowed us to get closer and interact with top WordPress companies from Bangladesh and other countries. We had the opportunity to learn in-depth about their products and services, how they operate, their successful steps, and how to overcome the unsuccessful ones, ultimately establishing a strong connection with them.

Wrapping it up

WordCamp Sylhet offered an ideal platform for learning, sharing, and connecting with fellow WordPress enthusiasts. The commitment of the organizers and sponsors, the inspiring and resourceful words of the speakers, and the overall positive atmosphere made this WordCamp a truly rewarding experience. If you have the chance to attend a WordCamp in the future, don't hesitate to seize the opportunity. It's an investment that can pay off in terms of knowledge, connections, and inspiration for you.

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  1. Sabirah Islam

    It was a real fun to visit your stall. Unfortunately, I could not participate in any of your activities but I found people excited about it. Your t-shirt tagline was also very interesting too. Best wishes for Pluggable.

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