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CoSchool - Course Bundle
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Course bundles add-on by CoSchool will help you get more student enrollments. It is perfect for any type of eLearning platform. You can sell the bundles at an attractive price that the students can’t resist.


Best value for money

Enrolling one course at a time costs more for the students. That’s why they prefer their preferred courses at a reasonable price. Making course bundles by keeping user preference in mind is a good practice for the growth of eLearning platforms.

Increases cross-selling

A course bundle can consist of multiple courses from various instructors. You will get a higher cross-selling rate when you include related courses in the course bundles. It promotes multiple instructors at times. This will increase their reputation and they will get more students eventually.

Boost your revenue

Course bundles perform better rather than single courses when it comes to generating more revenue. Elearning platforms that offer course bundles get more frequent orders. You will see an increase in your order numbers, average sales value, and revenue by selling course bundles.



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    30-day money-back guarantee

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